Saturday, 6 November 2010

Vintage Now Interiors

It's been a long time coming but at last it's here!

Newton Abbot has its own vintage interiors shop ,

whose owner just happens to be a very good friend of mine!

We rushed along to the grand opening , this morning and

we arrived just in time to see the red ribbon being

cut, by the lady mayoress of Newton Abbot.

With that, we stepped over the mat....

...and into this delightful new shop.

What struck me was how Jane had carefully thought out how

she was going to display everything to its best.

I liked the feeling of space and the fact that nothing was too crammed in.

Sometime shops can be spoilt by too much on display.

This was not the case here.

And so here, for your pleasure....oodles of eye candy!

A little peep at what's on offer!

A good mix of old ...

...and not so old.


China and glass goodies...

Vintage enamel...

Vintage crochet (all the rage of course!)

Essential kitchen items...

Snippets of 'you know who'...!

...not overdone but just a subtle addition here and there.

More china!

Vintage quilts...scrummy or what?!

And.... not forgetting the creaky wooden floorboards

...and gorgeous rugs!

A welcome cupcake...

(I forgot to grab one but apparently they were very tasty!)

A very lovely, peaceful environment in which to browse

and take a little step into the past.

Well done Jane!

We can now put 'Newton Abbot' and 'vintage' in the same sentence!!

And if you are 'in the area' you can't miss


It's right near the famous clock tower.


Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Wells worth a visit! ;-)

On Saturday night we stayed in a beautiful city...

in fact England's smallest city.

And if you're going to see a city at it's best in the autumn,

then you can't do much better than visit Wells, in Somerset.

It has one of the prettiest shop fronts,

in the form of The National Trust Shop.

And one of the loveliest walks beside the moat...

showing off autumn at its best.

It's a most beautiful city and one which we tend to visit rather a lot.

This is Vicars' close.
It was built in 1363 , to accommodate the men of the choir.

It is said to be the oldest purely residential street in Europe,

with nearly all of its original buildings still surviving intact.

And here, in the Wells and Mendip Museum,

you can find out so much more about Wells.

It's well (s) worth a visit! ;-)

Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Vintage rhyme!! ;-)

They came from near, they came from far!
They'd heard about this fab bazaar!
They'd seen the ads in all the mags!
And so they came ... with empty bags.

They started queueing, after eight.
They didn't want to come too late.
To come too late would be a crime!
And so they had to be on time...

And as they jostled, in the queue,
Inside there was so much to do!
The stalls, they had to be 'just right'
Nice 'n vintage, nice 'n bright!

Vintage here, vintage there
Vintage flippin' everywhere!
'Vintage' is the word, you see!
Vintage goods for all to see.

And so it was, that dead on nine
In they came, to feast on fine
linens, fabrics, china cats,
Stuffed owls and best felt hats.

Tea cups...mismatched of course!
Vintage lace, a wooden horse.
Antique fabric, buttons, chintz,
Teddy bears and old framed prints.

This bazaar had it all!
Fine displays on every stall.
Ephemera and gardenalia.
All sorts of other paraphernalia!

By ten o clock, the hall was packed!
One hour gone..(and I was whacked!)
Yet, still they came, through the door
Could this hall fit many more?

And as they shopped , the music played
To remind us of those bygone days.
Ah, bygone days..i.e. the past.
The days when things were made to last!

By now, the hall was fit to burst,
The cafe was on hand , to quench their thirst
And provide that very welcome break
Tea, coffee , cold drinks and cake.

The morning flew by...the goods flew too
far away, to pastures new!
The shoppers looked as pleased as punch
And off they went to have their lunch.

The 'afternoon crew' came storming in!
The bustle started all over again.
They came in swarms , they buzzed around.
''Cor , this bazaar is well worth one pound £!''

And so it was, one day, in Frome
At a certain hall, there was little room!
Thanks to two gals , Clare and Lizzie
(Who've been so very, very busy)

They organised a day to remember
On the 30th of Octember (ha ha ha!! ;-)
And don't forget, you can come again,
Next April, to The Cheese and Grain.

The Vintage Bazaar is here to stay!
What a fantabulistic day!