Friday, 29 October 2010

Off to The Vintage Bazaar!

I feel very bad as I know that I've been failing, for a while, on the blogging front.

My teaching has been very,very busy . I've had both morning and evening lessons during

the half term hols and so just haven't had the time to get around to blog comments.

I've always felt that blogging is a two way thing....So apologies!

I do try and read as many blogs as I can, though.

But... all work and no play does make Sal a dull, when I'm not teaching,

I enjoying pottering in the craft room .

And I'm off to Frome, tomorrow, taking all of my lovely vintage fabrics with me to:

'The Vintage Bazaar'!

I'm so looking forward to this because, judging from the way it's been advertised,

there will be thousands in the queue at the door, tomorrow morning!!

Anyway...I'll be reporting back on Monday and I'll also be announcing

the winner of my last giveaway.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! ;-)

Sal x

Monday, 25 October 2010


On Saturday, a sunny October afternoon,

Mr S and I took a wander around Brixham.

In fact, it was our wedding anniversary! ;-)

I suppose I owe a lot to Brixham.

Mr S was born there.

As we walked , he gave me a potted history of the town.

Brixham has changed a lot in recent times and the harbour area

is very attractive and full of reminders that we are in a fishing town.

Mind you, I say fishing town but Brixham was once divided into two parts...

Fishtown (the harbour area) and Cowtown ( on top of the hill, where the farmers lived)

At the harbour, you can go on board this replica of The Golden Hind,

Sir Francis Drake's famous ship.

On 5th November 1688, William Prince of Orange landed in Brixham, with his army.

It was here that he made his famous declaration:

'The Liberties of England and the Protestant Religion, I will maintain.'

And finally, this lovely turquoise painted house is known locally as

'The Coffin House' because of its shape.

You can read a lot more about this and many more interesting facts, here: