Monday, 9 August 2010

Homespun and then we spun home!

On Saturday, Mr S and I nipped over the county border into Cornwall!!

We thought we would treat ourselves to one night on the pretty Roseland Peninsula.

We stayed in this fabulous little hotel:

We weren't disappointed. I highly recommend it!

We were there for an 'event' in nearby Portscatho.

I always seem to notice things like this!!

Anyway, apparently it was once called Portscatha!

An evening stroll around Portscatho was a true delight!

Christine's beautiful shop ,'The Sea Garden' was not open for me to get my
little hands on many of the gorgeous goodies inside... and so I had to be content with pressing my face up close to the window and slobbering all over the glass like a mad woman...or more mad than I normally am!

Something about painted white cottages, makes me go quite gooey inside!!
And there were Hydrangeas everywhere!
I should have taken more photos as there were the most stunning displays all over the Roseland Peninsula!

A typical Cornish scene greeted us once we arrived at the bottom of the hill.

We walked a little way along the coastal footpath .

One of the few very pretty places to eat .

What's this?! Did you know that this was happening?
Well, let's not forget the real reason for being here!

And this is where we were on Sunday ...meeting up with old friends and new.
The Memorial Hall, Portscatho.

It's a new event for me and I was so glad that I could be involved in it.
We had such a lovely day!

Organised by Jane and Christine, 'Homespun' is a gathering of very lovely people with their very lovely vintage wares!

And so, without further ado, here's your eye candy...I managed to get around some of the stalls just after setting up my own.

What did I buy?
Hmmm...I didn't come home empty handed... naturally!
But I was very good!
Only two purchases....but it's as they say...quality not quantity!

On our evening walk into Portscatho, I had peeped through a window
of a cottage and there I spied not one but a number of beautiful, sewing boxes in a variety of colours!
'Oooh' thought I!! 'There must be a vintagey, crafty person living here!'

Thinking no more of it,we walked on...

Imagine to my surprise, there they all were, the next day at the fair, on a stall run by a lady called Gertie.

It had to be the red one which one came home with me... and various other bloggers were tempted by these lovely boxes !!

And I cannot resist red and green vintage tablecloths!
From Amanda..who else!! She has the best collection of gorgeous
vintage homewares!

Thank you very much to Jane and Christine
for organising such
a lovely event!

Cornwall is growing on me! ;-)

Hope everyone had a good weekend!