Thursday, 5 August 2010

Rather good reads!

My reading has lapsed and I'm not happy about it!
No excuses... apart from too few hours in the day!
These gorgeous reads are by my chair; some read completely, some half read and some not yet started.

I'm a huge Persephone books fan and I recently bought the books directly above and below.

'Cheerful Weather for the Wedding' by Julia Strachey


' Saplings' by Noel Streatfeild

I'm looking forward to getting stuck into those!

My two old favourites , which I have read many times are these two vintage Puffin books:

'The Children who lived in a Barn', by Eleanor Graham


'Moonfleet' by J.Meade Falkner

Not yet started...

'Mariana' by Monica Dickens

But only because I keep reading this again and again and again....

The best things in life are the simple ones:

'The Fortnight in September' by R.C. Sheriff

... my top choice should I ever need to take one book only, to that desert island!

I just wish it had a pretty bucket and spade cover!

Hopefully, I will have that fortnight in September to read...

' Little Boy Lost', by Marghanita Laski

And then there's Miss Pettigrew!

Well what can you say about her?! This book is a must!

'Miss Pettigrew lives for a day', by Winifred Watson


'Someone at a distance', by Dorothy Whipple

Well this book made me cry but only because it reflects a little part of my own life...and so I have only read it the once.

'A London Child of the 1870s' by Molly Hughes

...another autumn pleasure, methinks!

I keep dipping into this one...

And oh dear...I shall be struck down..Nich's book, I am only half way please don't go on another journey yet!! I need to catch up!

So that's my autumn reading sorted out!

How about yours?

Moving on...I am giving Cornwall a go...

I am off to Portscatho for the Homespun Fair, this Sunday!

I'll be there with my vintage fabrics etc and so

do come and say hello ,if you can!

Happy Thursday!