Saturday, 24 July 2010

Tagging along!

Remember these...and this?

Well I have more now...!

'Teal we meet again'

'Country Calico'

'Lemon and Lime'

Purple Passion


Flower Power

'Pink Princess'

'Sweet Hearts'

'Wedding Day'

'Rose Garden'

'Yummy Peaches'

'Sweet Daisy May'

I've added them to my shop. They are the end of all the fabrics.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

D'oh !!

When it comes to a bit of controversy, I can't keep my mouth shut ...LOL!!

I've scanned the papers, online, during the past few days... everything educational usually jumps out at me! No more than it has this week!

There was a brilliant debate in The Daily Telegraph about illiteracy in our schools and I joined in with that and read the comments with great interest....however...

It gets so much better! ;-)

You've no doubt read it too.
The gist of it is this: a parent from Somerset is not happy that teachers at his daughter's school are using, 'The Simpsons' in their Media Studies.

Now then...he has managed to persuade 400 others to
sign a petition...(which thankfully, the governors have rejected!)

Personally, I think that this narrow minded man needs to go back to school himself! LOL ;-)

(He was probably the same person who said, years ago, that Enid Blyton should not be read by children! But that's for another debate and maybe, another time!)

I do believe that a little knowledge is a very dangerous thing!

And so I pose these questions:

Did this man spend hours reading through the Media Studies curriculum?

Does he grasp ALL that it involves?

Did he then impart his new found knowledge to the 400 'sheep/followers' ? (who appear to have no minds of their own!)

Did they then all sit down and discuss thoroughly the Media Studies curriculum and how 'The Simpsons' fit into this, before putting their names to the petition?

Do they all realise that Media Studies is a relatively new and important subject in this day and age...and that ignorance is a dangerous thing?

Did they consider that taught well, (with the inclusion of 'The Simpsons'), it is motivating, captivating and teaches children to think widely about many issues?

Did they not see that ' The Simpsons' is just a tool,
one of many, being used to teach this wonderful subject?

I would suggest that the next time this person decides to set up a petition, he thinks twice about it or at least does some thorough groundwork!


The Simpsons might not be everyone's cup of tea but it is an excellent resource for this particular subject and it has its place alongside Shakespeare.
Shock horror!
Yes, that may well horrify some but I would say that Shakespeare can be the most boring
thing ever, at times. ( But it has its place! )

And so I say a big thumbs down to this man because as I said at the start...a little knowledge...

Not only that, forgetting 'The Simpsons' bit just for a moment, the parent refers to the children as 'kids' and that is ONE BIG PET HATE of mine!! ;-)

But ... a huge thumbs up to him too because the subject has promoted some excellent discussion and debate.

And that can only be a good thing!

Hmmm now where would 'The Simpsons' fit into the Music Curriculum, I wonder...!!


Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Bits and pieces for Tuesday! ;-)

Here's a sneak preview of four lovely vintage rosy fabrics coming my way, very soon.

Meanwhile...more 'goings ons' in South Devon...

Not content with celebrating 61 years of being married, my mum had a birthday on Sunday.
And so off we all trooped, to have Sunday lunch here:

The Redcliffe

You get: a dining room with beautiful views of Torbay; good , old fashioned service; a pianist playing all the old favourites and lovely surroundings in which to to eat and relax.

More info here if you fancy a break:


Finally ,my find of the week...especially for the cover!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!