Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Looking forward to...

Whilst the cat's away
Sal gets to play!

And I don't do the things in my kitchen that I
ought to be doing!

There's an event happening on

Hence my kitchen looks like a one man fair.
I've done my mock up stall .

Trying to decide what to take and what to leave behind, is not always easy!

But I am now just about packed and ready to go.

At the booty on Sunday I found an old easel,
just right for my revamped sign.
I need to paint it a tasty F&B colour!

I'm slowly getting packed ...

Meanwhile , as well as the easel, at the booty last Sunday, my finds were...

Some yellow shelves , an embroidered tablecloth, an enamel bowl (At 10p, a bargain for the garden!), 35 Ladybird books, two gorgeous bunches of Sweet Peas.
I can't resist Sweet Peas and my own are not yet in flower as I was late sowing them! I wonder why?!

The Ladybird books were in excellent condition and so I grabbed them.

Hope everyone is having a fab week and if you are in the Chipping Sodbury area, on Saturday, it will be lovely to see you!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Cockington ...Part two!

Making our way around the back of Cockington Court, we find this...
The Organic Garden.

An old fashioned garden...walled of course!
There's nothing like a walled garden!

And every now and again there are notice boards with useful information.

A lovely meadow area.

We left the organic garden and we arrived at the craft workshops.

Mr S took a fancy to these metal birds, which came flying home with us and now wend their way around our Heather bed!

This sign above said something about a parking space for a mother in law!

A lovely courtyard with plenty to observe.

Eventually, it was a lovely walk back along the valley, to the village.

More tea anyone?

A glorious morning was had by all, I can tell you!