Saturday, 19 June 2010


Living only a couple of fields away from the River Teign , had we owned a boat, we could have sailed down the river, to this heavenly little place.

As it is, this morning, we drove the short journey to Shaldon.
Shaldon is situated across the river from Teignmouth.

Come with me and I'll show you around .
We've arrived nice 'n early and there are very few people about.

As I mentioned, that's Teignmouth, across the river..
and then the views are across to Dawlish and the coastline beyond.

It must be a real treat to have a garden with river frontage.

And to live so close to an aptly named 'place for refreshment'!
Very pretty.

The English teacher in me picked up on this ...surely there should be an apostrophe in Ferryman's...??? LOL!

Although I have to admit that I really do like to leave the day job at home when I go out and about!!
So, apostrophe or no apostrophe, moving swiftly on...

Shaldon offers many delightful gardens and their owners obviously take a pride in them.

Wherever you look there are lovely, floral displays

And then...ah, the odd reminder of the night before...which I would sooner forget right now!
Let's just say that Shaldon has put on a far superior display for me today than our
footballers did last night....and leave it at that!! ;-)

We wander through the interesting back lanes...

...trying to pick a property where we would like to live.

Next to the butchers and the bakers we find this ...

Great humour! I love it!

A very nice place to lodge...I might just consider it!

We had a very long walk...the gardens were the highlight of our little tour!


We made our way to the bowling green where there seemed to be early morning activity.

And back to the car, which we'd parked I had a very discreet 'snoop' you do! ;-)

Shaldon was most definitely looking its best for us, today.
I did so enjoy our wander around this charming little place.