Saturday, 29 May 2010

Chagford Garden Fair

A jolly jaunt to Chagford was the order of the day today!
It was a garden fair at the Jubilee Hall..and very nice it was too!
We came back with a few bits ; everything but the garden bench!

Lizzie had an assortment of goodies with her, including the old tin bath, above, which a certain member of my family took a liking to, for his 'patch'!

There seemed to be quite a few pots of chives in terracotta pots, all over the place!

And there were some lovely, very generous, large bunches of flowers, which I split into two when I got home.

You might think that on this table lies a giant carrot...but it is not !
The archaeology expert informed me that it is an Amphora!
We now have one in the garden!

Vintagey things came home with me, including this garden prop!
However did my dad mow our lawns with one of these?

Maybe, from now on, I'll help with the lawn mowing !!
Maybe not!
For the mo, I've propped it under a tree, strategically placed of course!

Alpine Strawberries, a Lithospermum, a Lavender and a Sedum have all found their way to the garden.

Ah that bath again...I'm watching this with interest and hope that grand things will occur in it!

Garden pleasure and treasures!
A very lovely day !

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Chudleigh... and Magpies old and new!

My day has been lovely so far!
It started off right here, in the garden....because...
I was wondering...

Just what it really was that was tickling me all night!! ;-)
Was it that cheeky Wisteria or...something else?!

Have you all been watching the Chelsea Flower Show programmes?
Or maybe you've been lucky enough to go along!
I used to so enjoy visiting and remember my first time, years ago .
On entering the flower those Delphiniums!
One of my faves along with...
And we have baby Magpies in the garden...rather a lot of them!
No pics yet but yesterday and the day before, they were all lining up waiting to be fed!
Quite a sight.
And then one baby got stuck in the greenhouse..there's always one, eh?!

Ah, how blue is the sky!
No time to lounge around in the garden this morning.
Come with me.
I've forgotten to pick up my camera so we'll have to make do with the camera on the iphone.

I've been to Chudleigh this morning.
It's an interesting little town and many years ago, the main road to Exeter ran right through the middle of it.

And in Chudleigh there's this little place called Pottery Court.

It's quaint and it's cute...

Did I mention Magpies...?!

Vintage ones too...! Open!

A charming little step into the past!

Where Nicky creates...

This little place is an absolute delight and it was so lovely to share a natter and cuppa with Nicky.

I need to get back there with my camera, asap!

More of Chudleigh another time!

And now to solve that problem of the tickling!