Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Would you....?

When you're sitting, minding your own business, having a quiet moment to yourself ...
and there's a sudden text message from your friend, Jane...
and it says....

'Do you fancy a trip to Ashburton tomorrow morning?'

What would be your answer?

Would it be...

a) I can't, I have to do the ironing!

b) I can't, I have to feed the chickens !

c) Sorry, no way, I have to wash my hair!

d) Can't do tomorrow, having a lie in!

e) Cooking a salad, sorry!

f) Sorry, blogging all morning!
g) Have to hoover the whole house!

h) No sorry, re organising my kitchen cupboards.

i) Can't tear myself away from the telly, sorry!

j) Servicing the car so can't come along with you.

k) Have 6 books to read so apologies can't make it!

l) My husband won't let me! (Some hope ;!)

m) I'm visiting the dentist!

n) hairdressers!

o) Nah,don't feel like it!

p) Got to spring clean,sorry!

q) I have to wait in for a parcel!

r) I must mow the lawns!
Naturally, my answer was returned in a flash!!
And that is why, yesterday, I was allowed a free wander with my camera in
The Vintage Emporium!
Sarah always says, 'Go for it!' So I did!
As I was, 'Going for it!' guess who walked in?
Amanda! That girl gets everywhere! ;-)
Next door, is Odds and Suds and I managed to catch Jenny (and ask her about her brilliant
time with Kirsty!!)
Soapy suddy photos of Odds and Suds next week!
By the time I got to 'The Snug', my batteries had conked out (well..the camera's had and mine were flagging!) so I will make a special visit again to bring you some of Ros's goodies.
However...she said that, amazingly, I had just missed a certain blogger's sister!
So, if you are reading this and your sister was in Ashburton yesterday, let me know..although I
am pretty sure that I know whose sis it was!
Now to do all those jobs!

Monday, 10 May 2010

An ' at home ' day ...and a GIVEWAY!! ;-)

It's Monday and it's the most beautiful day here in South Devon!

How do you see your day panning out?
I'm spending the day at home.

My day started at 7am, when I woke to the sound of our NEW resident Pheasant!!
Remember Miguel?
Well it seems that we now have 'son of' and also 'daughter of'!!

Not a good photo, as I had to take this from the lounge..but tis good to see that 'Miguel' did the business'... and that he lives on...!

Whether we will tame this Pheasant, is another matter. At the mo we are just letting him get used to being in the garden.

And talking of gardens, I was out in mine, earlier, at 7.30am, pottering about!

This is not normal I hasten to add... but it was such a lovely sunny morning, the birds were singing away and .. well there's just no better place to be, is there? Apart from bed!

I have a lot to do in my garden!

But isn't it cold for May?

I've sown seeds in the greenhouse but they've taken an age to show...and I still have some to sow. I've never been as late as this with my seed sowing!

Last year, I bought all of my seeds at around 10p per packet when a local garden centre had a sale!! A bargain or what?!

So, I grabbed a good selection.

Driving back from the station just now, I noticed that the Swallows and House Martins have arrived in abundance, in the village. They were having a ball, practising their swooping to perfection!

Actually, I spotted a lone House Martin 2 weeks ago...what a shock that must have been for the poor little thing!

I always write down things such as this in my special little book,which I bought in 1977 when I had my first ever garden!

For instance, in 1977, when I lived at Blackwater, near Camberley, we had a House Martin over the garden on March 28th!

The earliest I have seen one in Devon, is April 7th, in 1980.
I love to see the birds in the garden. They seem to come in phases...
At the moment we have Nuthatches and Bullfinches. The Bullfinches don't come too near but you can't fail to spot them in the trees.
Anyway, enough of that rambling giveaway is this:
What's your favourite bird ?
AND what's your favourite garden flower?
Hope your day is as sunny as mine!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Lacock village

Last week, on our way to Gloucestershire, we visited the lovely little village of Lacock. It's yet another place which oozes charm!
However, as soon as we arrived, the heavens opened up and we couldn't have the leisurely stroll around the village that we'd planned.
Hence the lack of sunny pictures. But the village is quite delightful.

We enjoyed our fleeting visit, in between the showers, and no doubt we'll return at a later date as we didn't get to visit the Abbey on this occasion .

Meanwhile, a few weeks ago, I had a giveaway on this blog and the winner is:
Please email me your postal address, Jenny!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!