Friday, 29 January 2010

Satisfaction guaranteed! ;-)

There's something rather satisfying about having a good old fashioned baking morning, isn't there?

And when a friend of mine mentioned the words 'Rock Cakes', recently, I put these on the agenda for today's baking.

I was up with the Lark, this morning and I managed to get all of my baking done by 8.30!!

Generally, I don't like to lie in as I do love the early mornings.

Listening to Chris Evans on his Radio 2 breakfast show, I suddenly thought to myself...yes I am feeling very satisfied just lately!

Talking of Chris Evans, I did think that Terry Wogan would be a hard act to follow. However, I am pleasantly surprised and I have to say that yes, I'm enjoying the new show.

And so there's another piece of satisfaction in my life.

I'm well satisfied with the Victoria Sponge, which I also made.

And... satisfied with these scoundrels .

Yo ho ho me 'earties!

And my golliwogs turned out great, although I think they are unhappy that I did not use their favourite jam in the middle of my Victoria Sponge!!

Looks like it's time for a party!

I know that as well as feeling satisfied , I also gave some other people satisfaction ,when they received these lovely fabric pieces in my recent giveaway...and so...

I've made up two packs for my shop.

I will have another giveaway soon...but it probably won't be this fabric.

Finally, I've been very satisfied just looking at these gorgeous pieces of vintage
1930s feedsack pieces in my stash...none of your repro but the real thing! (Although I do love some of the repro fabrics too)

My faves, as if you could not guess...

And now, to satisfy my hunger, I'm off to raid that plate of Rock Buns...just the one (bun ,not plate!), you understand!
Join me for a bun and cuppa and tell me.. are you easily satisfied?
If so , what's giving you ' satisfaction' today?

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Vintage pretties... direct to your door !!

This morning, I had my own little private viewing of vintage pretties!!! ;-)

My lovely friend, Amanda, came over for coffee... and a natter (and my, did we natter !!)
And then came the 'serious business' of spreading out her wares on the carpet!!
Would you like to see, close up?

I have this terrible weakness for vintage embroidery! ;-)

Dear Amanda, thank you so much for your company!
Having had a well earned break,

Amanda (aka Shabby Chick) will be stalling again at Totnes, from Friday Feb 12th !
Do pay her a visit if you are in the area!

Oh...and I must not forget one last thing...I paced up and down in my house (yet again) early today.
Here's a clue..Mirror , signal , manoeuvre!
Someone had his driving test!!
Let's just say that I am now the only person in the house who did not pass their test first time!!
Well done Nich! ;-)

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


I've no idea what you would call a collection of 'scallywags' ... but here they all are, looking as if they are up to no good!

My 20 minutes crafting, turned out to be a tad longer yesterday..and what a fine mess I made!
I'm glad no one is actually here watching me as I am not a tidy worker!

I cut some tags...super sized sizzix tags.

Fetched all the glitzy bits and pieces.

She has to be my fave! L'il darling!

I'm actually making these into tag books ...great for little gifts for children... (or the adult who has not quite grown up!) and today I'm progressing to... pirates and golliwogs .
I might even make some with chefs on the front, for recipe many ideas are spinning round in my head!
That'll be quite a gathering in my house!

Meanwhile, in the craft room, there's a rumpus of little rascals, which I need to sort out right away!
It beats housework... (although that's what I tell him I do all day!)

Sunday, 24 January 2010

The sights and delights of Saturday! ;-)

Yesterday, we had a wander around Topsham.
It's always lovely to stumble across little flower shops such as this one.

Topsham is very quaint, with its winding street leading to the quay.

A quick snack and a pint here is always welcome.

At the quay you'll find the antiques centre which is a real treasure trove and worth a visit.
My 'finds' were some embroidered traycloths.

In order to make some more of these...

So that's my 20 minutes crafting, for the day!
(And... I didn't take my scissors to the embroidery...for once!)
Hope your weekend has been productive!