Saturday, 16 January 2010

I love you more than... ;-)

Friday morning is baking I have decided!
Yesterday morning, I got ready all of my baking ingredients at one end of the kitchen and, not only that, at the other end , waiting patiently, were the ingredients for our tea... Spaghetti Bolognese. Organised or what?! I felt very pleased with myself.

Up early at 9am and raring to go..and guess what happened...the power went off!

I had completely forgotten (yes, we'd had warning a week ago!) that they were doing essential electrical maintenance work until 1pm.

Thankfully, nothing was in the oven at this point and so being the pretty flexible person that I am (!), I toddled off to ...'you know where' do 'you know what'...well actually if you do know what, then you know more than me.... as I hadn't a clue at that point! ;-)


I'd made a promise to do 20 minutes crafting a day, at Fi's blog over at Marmalade Rose.
I eyed up the buttons (I love buttons!) in front of me..ah I know!
Valentines cards!

I only made four cards...I'll put them in my shop later... nice 'n cheap...!
I doubt I'll need one...Mr S would only give his back to me to reuse the buttons anyway!! LOL!

Do you know...these buttons are the best I've come across for crafting.
This particular bag are reds, blacks and greys but in this range there are some other bags with fab colour combinations.

Bag - 'O - Buttons 'Foof a La'

I first bought mine at Papermaze , last year..and they still stock them as I have since been back for more.
(They have 20% off right now!)

After that ...and as it was still not one o' clock (It was only 9.30...LOL!) I made up two Sal's Snippets' Valentine scrap packs...

You get:
12 cotton fabric squares, lovely red designs, approx 5 ins by 5 ins
two little pieces of vintage embroidery;
some pieces of ribbon, ric rac and lace ;
4 chipboard letters 'LOVE' ;
8 buttons ;
some red and black embroidery thread
Nice 'n cheap my shop here :
Today, we went to Totnes but I forgot my camera!
I came back empty handed apart from some very lovely scrapbook paper which will hopefully feature here on Monday..along with those winners of my giveaway!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

What a hoot...another giveaway!

Well what a funny old week!

One thing's for sure...if you are a mum, you never stop worrying about your children, wherever they are and whatever they are getting up to!

Having said that, I firmly believe that they can't be wrapped up in cotton wool and even when problems occur they have to learn how to deal with them.

That's life eh?
As for the 'now famous' vintage Morris Minor...I can report that 'Aggie' is safely back with her owner and that 'Sal's Snippets' asked for 'exclusive rights' on the photos!!

It has also come to my attention the poor Aggie was subjected to a few unkindly words the other evening! I hope she has a better weekend with lots of TLC!

Long Live Aggie ;-)
Meanwhile, it's back to the craft stuff.

Stripes no less.

'Clown Stripe' by Michael Miller fabrics.

It all started when I played around yesterday...

Along with a little Aunt Grace repro 1930s charm pack...

and not forgetting buttons,ribbons and a little bit of felt.

Filled with Lavender as well ! The pongiest Owls in Devon!

Next up...
When you get one of those global priority envelopes, from the US, through your letter box,it's always a treat to open it!
In this instance, it was more than a treat for me, recently, as the envelope was stuffed with as much as the seller could possibly get into it!

It was a real bargain and I could not believe the generosity !
It took me ages to iron it all..and I hate, loathe and detest ironing... but it was worth it!
Just feast your eyes on this lot...

And so..because of my good fortune..and because you are all such lovely bloggers and for also visiting Nich's blog and putting some lovely words on there...I have made up TWO little charm packs of each of these designs as a giveaway!

Just comment on here and I'll announce the winners on Monday!

Meanwhile, do have a lovely weekend!


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

I don't want you to panic but...

Last evening, I spent a few hours pacing around my house!

It all came quite out of the blue.

I was in the middle of my evening lessons when dear Mr S says to me ,

' Now I don't want you to panic but this is what has happened....'

The rest is here below on Nich's blog .
It's a brilliant piece of writing which truly made me think. It would have brought tears to my eyes but... I have been blubbing all evening anyway! read it !


Monday, 11 January 2010

Snippets and Winners!!

'Snippets and Winners'
A great name for a new firm of solicitors, don't you think ? ;-)
Whilst tidying up the craft room yesterday , I came across a pile of paper flowers, which I'd cut about a year ago when I was in 'Sizzix ' mode and making cards for the V&H Fair.
The cards had all sold out and so I thought, 'Right, Sal..tis card making in the morning!'

Simple yet effective...if you have a sizzix machine then all the better!

I just love doing things like this because in no time at all you instant result!
Talking of results...I finished off these, at the weekend:

I've made them bigger than the usual needle case size .

Inside, there is also a space for threads which you might not want to throw away!

They will be for sale at the Fair...and in my blogshop .
I've included some needles and threads.

I then finished off these scented mats!
(I know..I need to get out more!!)

Finally... Sal's Snippets they are, all bundled up and ready for the off...

The name out of the hat for my first giveaway:

is....Tracey from...

And the name out of the hat for my second giveaway...the scraps!!

is...Catherine from ..

Well done...!

Please email me your names /addresses...thanks!

Amyway, I'll do another giveaway soon!