Thursday, 31 December 2009

Vintage faff mode! ;-)

Today was one of those days when we could have a long, leisurely walk around our fave city... with no pressures !
We started off with coffee, overlooking the Cathedral Green.
If you look at this fab picture, (by Henderson Cisz ), then we are 'coffeeing' on the rhs, just behind where two people are walking.
Shame you can't see us...but I am waving ;-)

That done, we ambled down Fore Street to Ottos.
You have to go to Ottos every day if you possibly can as the turnover of vintage/retro items is such that... blink and you'll miss it!
But you will also find this In Fore Street :
The Real McCoy

Vintage clothing...and their own coffee shop.

The shop on the right is full of if you are also into that sort of crafting then this little alleyway is the one for you.

Back home ..and I you do!

Vintage loveliness...

I was in 'Vintage faff mode'!

I 've altered these embroidery hoops into hanging containers..and filled them with vintage patchwork pieces,vintage buttons, threads,ribbons etc

They will be in my shop soon...I hope I get there first to buy them !


Something which I wish I had made arrived today...well two things actually!

I had two cushions which needed covers and I just happened to spot these on 'Folksy'.

They are even nicer in the's the blog of that lovely crafter...

And now, all that remains for me to say to everyone is...


;-) xxx

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

What dropped through your letter box today ?

We didn't get our mail for a few days before Christmas, due to severe ice. And so a lovely bundle of mail appeared on the doormat this morning.
An envelope from the USA ,covered with an assortment of stamps.

And in the envelope...vintage buttons!

Hopefully, some of these will be for sale soon, in my shop, included in a project at which I am working !

'Devon Life', which was a bargain a few months ago at £1 per issue... I can't wait to read this with my cuppa.

And just when you are broke...the sales come along and guess who pops up...?!!

Oh and a late card from a lovely friend...

'Ways with Words' agenda for Keswick. Doubt I'll make it as far north as that... but there's always Southwold or Dartington.

And a magazine subscription reminder...shall I or shall I not? ;-)

I wonder ...what dropped through your letter box today?

Sunday, 27 December 2009

A lovely two days.

Phew! That was two days of hard work which whizzed by!

We all had a lovely time. Did you ?

Although I have to admit that I far prefer the 'giving' bit of Christmas, I did receive some gorgeous gifts from my family!

Plenty of perfume!

A smattering of CK.

Liberty fabrics and Liberty notecards!

various other bits and pieces which included...

And a lovely Railway poster calendar.

Hope your Christmas was lovely too.
See you soon