Thursday, 3 December 2009

Faffing around ! ;-)

Oh, the joy of faffing you faff?
If not, I would recommend it...just now and again! ;-)

I'm an expert!

Inspired by these vintage papers, I modified a few tags... add to these vintage 50s style tages, which I found in Gazebo, Totnes, on Monday.

And then I faffed around in my hall!

There's nothing like faffing around with a dresser!

On Monday, my mum handed me a bag and inside...1950s paper lanterns...!

I don't know about you but I experience 'sheer delight' when I emerge from the cupboard with the Christmas decorations ... t'is like greeting old friends!

And they always seem to be waving and smiling!

And finally... I put all the names in a hat and I can announce
a winner of my recent giveaway...
Amazingly it is ..Sally!
(What , I won my own giveaway?!! LOL)
That is Sally of ...
Thanks to everyone for joining in!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

' Not too near the curtains,dear!' ;-)

I woke this morning (as one normally does!!) to find not only an arrival of frost on the lawn but also a severe dose of what only could be described as 'Christmasitis' in the west wing .

And from the room, emerged a bleary eyed son, managing a cheeky grin and uttering the words that December was here and the Christmas had least in his room it had!

I must admit that last night, when a bag, full of candles came into the house with dear Nich (and I began to panic and say things like, 'Not too near the curtains, dear!') , I knew something was about to happen!
This passion for Nutcrackers started last year , when he visited Munich...and then shortly afterwards we all went to York and found that gorgeous Christmas Angels shop.
Incidentally they have an online shop :

And then, about two weeks ago, there was a knock at the door... and in walked a new resident..two feet tall and rather handsome...
(Now he would make a great prop for Creative writing inspiration....Hmm I wonder..!)

And so... Christmas for the (2)5 year old in our house, has begun! ;-)

Meanwhile, whilst all this Christmas shenanigans was being planned.....I was off to Totnes!
Yesterday, I was very close to buying myself a Christmas present of all Christmas presents...
Gorgeous,1950s and just up my street...sadly the only room I would have had for it would be in the street...dammit!

As you can see, I paid a visit to 'This'n That' in Totnes.
It's a shop where I feel very much at home !
Lesley is so friendly, welcoming and full of enthusiasm.

I love this little shop...

Wow..sunbathing underneath a Christmas tree!
So much caught my eye...

And with that..I am off to a craft morning!