Thursday, 19 November 2009

Christmas delights !

East Ogwell is a pretty little village just a few minutes drive from where I live.
Not a lot happens there...apart from at Christmas time!

If you recall...

We (my sister and myself) easily found the Christmas house and couldn't wait to get inside!
And guess who was already there?
One Vintage Magpie!
I might have guessed that she would be flitting around all things shiny and bright!

It was lovely...
There was so much to take in !

And a very warm welcome there was too!
A place to rest awhile is always appreciated, especially when it involves comfy sofas, nibbles and a drink!
I didn't buy very much as I have vintage planted firmly in my head right now and so spent most of my pennies at the V&H Fair...but this little cottage, with its festive flavour, certainly stirs up one's enthusiasm for Christmas.

After that,
I was so very much in the Christmas mood
that I could not stop myself from coming home and sorting through all of my Christmas things so that I could give my visitors, the following day, an appreciation of Christmas...the 'vintage' way!

Sometimes a girl just has to give herself a good time!
More photos of that, next post!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Happy Birthday Nich !! ;-)

Seems like the drinks are lined up, ready to celebrate!

Hope you have a wonderful day, Nich!

Happy Birthday to a lovely son ;-)

Monday, 16 November 2009

Fair 'finds' and more.

Lovely tin from and green being the main colours in my kitchen.

Gorgeous tea cosy from Amanda!
Along with...

Oh, how I love vintage baubles! I knew that Amanda would satisfy my Christmassy needs!!

This lovely set of three festive mats came from Lizzie.

Red fabric also from Lizzie.
Fabric FQs from Donna.

Fab tablecloth from Lucy...this is now taking pride of place on my kitchen table..

And being fit for very little on Sunday, I sat down and decided to sew my cushion covers!
I now have the brightest , most gaudy kitchen in the village where I live!
And if Josie Mary is reading this...yes sunglasses next time you visit!

Anyone for tea...?!

(But not until I return from mingling with all of those 'excited women'... at a Christmas place near here!

Have a great day!


Sunday, 15 November 2009

A very fine English AfFAIR!

The English year offers many ' fine' social events!
Many of these events go back in history... and wonderful gatherings such as Ascot, The Chelsea Flower Show, The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championship , The Boat Race.. plus many other social get togethers, all help to make up the English year...
Now a 'new kid on the block' has risen up , all from an idea!
It's an event which will be written in very large letters, in many diaries, for many years to come!

The Vintage and Handmade Fair , ( now twice yearly) organised by Michele and Jayne, is taking the country by storm !

Yesterday, I felt privileged to be part of this wonderful event and meet up with friends, old and new !

As we all made our way into Chipping Sodbury Town Hall, we knew that we'd have a day to remember.

We had two hours to set up before the queues of very keen shoppers (not to mention excited ladies!!) descended upon us.

I wandered around with my camera, hoping to bring some great shots for anyone who could not make it to the Fair.

The displays were stunning!

I knew that the shoppers would lap this up... BIGTIME!

It's the kind of event whereby you need a whole day, to firstly walk around and take it all in, then breathe in and calm down, take many tea breaks and generally savour the ' fabulous fineness' of the whole proceedings.

Of course, my photos do not do this justice...but hopefully do give you a few snippets of what was on offer.

Did I say excited ladies...?
Here are two very excited men shoppers, (look, they can hardly contain themselves!!) taking a break and no doubt discussing their numerous purchases!
I love this kind of shouts out 'Caption Competition'

So do feel free to make such a comment!
These two very patient 'other halves' are Mr Custard and Mr Snippets.

Naturally I went to bed very happy.


And naturally..I did not get my purse out at all ..ha ha!

Of course I did...but that will be my next blog post and oh my, did I get some Christmas goodies!
Meanwhile, a MASSIVE thank you to Michele and Jayne.

Events like this don't just happen and a heck of a lot of hard work goes in to making sure that it all goes swingingly well.
And like I said...the English year offers many fine events and this one, for me, sits right at the top of my tree!