Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Just follow all these excited women .....;-)

This is always a cheery sight on the doormat, especially when it comes with added goodies!
However, this month it is even more interesting as it features..... 'open house' at a village very very close by to where I live!! ;-)

A couple of days ago, I received a text message :

'Hi Sally. I thought you would like to know that this totally amazing house in Ogwell is now open...... is in the old part of the village.
Park at the pub then follow all the excited women up the road! (LOL)
You can't miss it , it is totally divine! '

And so...that's Monday sorted out! My sister and I will be two such 'excited women!'

But in the meantime, talking of 'divine', there is the small matter of a Vintage and Handmade Fair to attend!

I did a 'mock up' in my kitchen yesterday...and sold £30 worth of goodies to a passing tradesman!!

What a fab few days it is going to be.