Saturday, 7 November 2009

Kitchen love! ;-)

All day, we've worked like Trojans! ;-)
We had the kitchen walls re-plastered at the beginning of September and since then we have lived in a tip of a kitchen ... until this week when the kitchen was finally decorated! Yippee!

We weren't too sure which colour to choose but in the end we chose a lovely 'Apple Green', by Crown Paints.
It's lovely ...very fresh.

And so, whilst Mr S dealt with the heavier tasks, I potted about cleaning and putting everything back in it's right place!

It is so nice to have my kitchen back again! I love it!

Not to mention all the 'fripperies' which live in it!

Hope everyone is having a fab weekend!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Cracking good job!

My kitchen is, as I type, being redecorated!
I'm hoping it'll be a 'cracking good job' when it's finished ;-)

I'm not having new curtains as I love the ones I already have...but

I thought I'd make a few cushions for the chairs...just to pretty up the room and give it a more vintage/50s know how much I love bright bold fabrics!

I found these at Donna Flowers lovely site!

I don't know if I dare go near her stall at the 'soon to be held' V&H fair!!


These gorgeous Christmas paper tags are from the 'Peppermint Twist' range of scrapbooking items by K&Company.

I love them.

They come in pads of 24 tags.

I bought them on ebay from a very nice seller in Torquay!

Finally, one can't sign off without saying a huge HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO...

Nick Park did a 'cracking good job' when he thought up these fab characters!

Absolutely brilliant!


Monday, 2 November 2009

Back to school!! ;-)

.... for me, today!

I haven't done any teaching since August and so, having had two months off, I woke this morning in shock! ;-)

Back to the workplace, for me, is pretty easy though as I teach at home thus my travelling costs are nil.
A few steps and I am there!

Ah, an empty pupils yet...lessons start at 4pm.

I teach in the evenings so I have to learn to 'pace myself' during the day time, (which, for me, is not always easy! )
I teach English to children whose ages are from 5 to 16 years.

So a little bit of this:

Or this:

Books everywhere!

Old and new!

Not a lot of this word..if we can help it...

I have also been known to teach a little bit of History...

...and Geography

My classroom is a lovely cosy room...

With , of course, a touch of vintage!

And there's always a certain someone watching over me... just to make sure that I do things properly!

Time is flying by and I must get my lessons prepared!
Otherwise, before I know it, my first pupil will be strolling up the path!

I hope that everyone is having a great Monday!