Friday, 16 October 2009

Have a happy weekend!

Well, it's the weekend and all in all it's a bit of a 'mish mash' in my craft room right now.

Clipboard number 4 is finished...

And whilst I was having a very 'lazy ' spell, half watching 'Escape to the Country', I sat and made these simple hanging hearts.

And... not forgetting a few of these 'Santa's helpers' gift bags.
Years and years ago, my sister gave my children one each of these, with a gift inside.
I have no idea from whence they came but
I wrote down the idea in a book... and stumbled across it recently.

Christmas is coming on quite nicely!

I have a couple of weeks remaining before I start teaching just enough time to make a few more bits for the fair!

And, for inspiration, I just love to have good books at hand at this time of year!

Two of my faves:

Published in 1983, I think you can still find it on, amongst the private sellers.

And this one is great for ideas and templates ...

Have a happy weekend everyone!