Friday, 9 October 2009

Just a little bit of crafting!

Life is quite slow going at the moment, which for me is most frustrating !
However, each day gets better and this week I have managed to work on some altered clipboards for the V&H Fair!!

My production line is slower than usual but they have turned out ok.
Oh how I wish I'd bought more of that wonderful Daisy Ds 'vintage look' scrapbook paper, last now it seems to be so hard to find!

I've also used a few items from the range ' Swell Noel ' by K&Company.

And did you spot the books?
Incredibly, I won this book on ebay for 25p!
It's a companion to the book which I won last year.
They are not new books but I love searching for slightly older craft books and these have oodles of ideas...ideas which are simple and you can build on that simplicity and improvise.

I really don't like doing the 'C' stuff quite so early but needs must!
And so now I need to hunt for the rest of my Christmas books.
As for the weekend...
I'm going to be reunited with my favourite place, which begins with 'E' and ends with 'R' and has an 'X' in it!
I hope I can remember my way around!
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend too!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Hello!! ;-)

Well, here I am! ;-)
At one point, I didn't think I'd ever make it back to here!
Without going into too much detail, during August my body more or less came to a halt.
Severe exhaustion set in and completely knocked me senseless!
Endless blood tests and many weeks later, I think I am on the mend!
The Dr thinks that I must have picked up some sort of viral infection.
Anyway, the less said about it the today I went into my craft room and partied!
And I introduced myself to a few bits and pieces about which I'd completely forgotten!
A couple of months ago, I found these lovely prints of vintage seed packets

They are so beautifully vivid!
I started to 'create' but I only had 5 that's on hold for the mo.

Meanwhile, watching over me....little choir boy Christmas tree decorations with a vintage touch...

I started these a while ago but, in fact, in my Christmas box, I have some which I made 20 years ago and they are still going strong!

Tomorrow's craft morning (they don't know it yet!) will be mainly drinking tea/coffee... and giving these stockings a few finishing touches...

Finally and most importantly, I just want to thank everyone for their kind messages, emails, cards, gifts , flowers etc....and ,believe it or not, even home made soup!!
(And also not forgetting my whole family for putting up with me!)
You really are all very kind!