Friday, 10 July 2009

Share my perfect morning! ;-)

Wouldn't you love to live in a house like this?
I should say so!
Or this...?

Here we are at Buckland in the Moor, a quaint little place on Dartmoor.
(Apparently, I have many relatives buried in the churchyard here!)

As it's very near to Ashburton, we took a quick detour on our way home yesterday...

But not until we had savoured the delights of Ashburton!

Do come and savour them with me..

Would you like to join me for coffee, in the garden of Cafe Green Ginger?
Now then, what would you like? The scones are rather good,I must say!

We'll sit under this fab Eucalyptus Tree, shall we?!

Look at the Poppies, blowing in the gentle breeze.

Well, that was delicious, wasn't it?
Now for a stroll...

More poppies!
You know,there are plenty of places to enjoy morning or afternoon 'tiffin'!!

Or a 'drap' of cider.
We'll do that next time, maybe?

There are four main streets in which to wander; each is interesting.
This row of houses in East Street is very pretty, isn't it?

My fave is North Street...for obvious reasons!
I won't ask you yours...but it will be North Street, I bet!

What do you think of these Zinnias...the flavour of the day at Sarah's Lavender Box!

Oh and did you notice a new kind of delicacy in their window...?
We did!
A Horsefly.
A GIANT one at that!
(I've never seen one as big!)
It was the subject of much fun..but that's for another time as
Mr Snippets does most of the ' wildlife' stuff on his blog and he is sure to mention it!

Look at all these beautiful things...I hope you're one of those people who
'Gets it!' as a good friend of mine says!
(You know, vintage and shabby..the shabbier the better!)

What a wonderful display!
Sarah and her mum work so hard at this!

I adore this shop! I feel sure that you do too!

They have these really pretty, vintage quilts in the shop at the mo! So Summery!
Do you like them?

I bought a couple of traycloths
Did you buy anything?
You did?
I'm not surprised, you've been around the shop umpteen times!

Right... are you sure you've finished?
We just have to nip over the road, to 'The Snug'!
Do you know, I love 'The Snug' but I have not plucked up the courage to ask about taking photos.You'll love it's where I bought my mini garden bench last year...and I never come away empty handed!
I haven't this time either! ;-)
Stop peeping in my bag...oh all right then...
It's Vintage, it's French and's pretty!

Here we are...close up pics..

The words 'Vintage and Handmade Fair' , 'Chipping Sodbury' ...and 'scissors' (lol) ...are on my mind!

Back to mine for a cuppa?

And look what's arrived, a perfect start to the weekend!
I hope your weekend is grand!
Have fun!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Congratulations to you both!

Today is a very special day for my mum and dad!

It's their Diamond Wedding Anniversary!

60 years of wedded bliss!

Here they are at the church, all those years ago, in 1949.

And here they are...60 years on...

Having had a lovely lunch with them, we've just been around to the very same church to take a quick snap!

St Pauls Church, Newton Abbot.

Here's their card from the Queen...

Ooops wrong one..LOL ;-)

They were dead chuffed about this!

(Although I do wish that she would smile a bit more!)

Anyway...many congratulations to them!

My lovely mum and dad!