Saturday, 9 May 2009

I've been! ;-)

My header picture was taken at Babbacombe, earlier today.
On a clear day you can see right across Lyme Bay... to Portland Bill.
It was slightly hazy as we gazed across the sea ..but we could just make out Portland.
I have to say that I've been all over the place today and I left my scissors behind, so as not to upset anyone!! ;-) LOL!

My day began here...not everyone's cup of tea, I know!
Torquay United Football Club.
I know that I am a bit strange, loving the beautiful game ..but Nich did tell me the other day that it was 'cool' having a mum who does..!
And I would not normally go on about my love of the game ...but... many teams and supporters would give their right arm to go to Wembley, wouldn't they?!
And I'm going! On Sunday!
But I'm not excited..not me!!;-)
I've not yet been to the new Wembley stadium...(it broke my heart when they knocked down the old one but I'll give the new one a try!)
But hey you can get art out of footy!
Schoolchildren, from St Marychurch, Torquay, made this wonderful mosaic on a wall, outside the ground ...

We had parked at a place called 'St Marychurch' and as we wandered across the park to the football ground we admired an avenue of Horse Chestnut trees, which stood proud and tall photo does not do this justice...t'was such splendour!

And this beautiful Laburnum caught my eye...hasn't the tree blossom been so gorgeous, this year?!

Returning to St Marychurch, for coffee and a stroll, was a real treat.
Packed into this pretty little Victorian style precinct, are a wide choice of independently owned, small shops. Dare I say is heaps better than Torquay town centre!

I wish I lived just a little bit nearer to shop here daily!
It has everything one needs ...and charity shops (note the plural)

I always like to try to spot querky features..studying History as my main subject at college,I was always taught to look I do...!

On the other hand, I often don't look where I am going, because I am usually so busy admiring 'high up things'... and thus I trip over a lot..!

Whereas Mr S always, without fail, finds money on the ground.
He didn't study history, obviously.

Wrapped around a lamp post in the precinct were these fish..they obviously didn't look where they were going either! LOL!

It was time to head inland...from coast to countryside.
I had no idea how one would link St Marychurch to Ashburton...

so let's try!

Here's the fish deli (above), featured in a recent Country Living .

Here's 'The Snug ' where I purchased that lovely little mini garden bench, last spring. I adore this shop!

And here's 'Odds and Suds' where we were hoping to find something special for our bathroom.

I adore this shop too!

The owner is so friendly and helpful!

A trip to Ashburton is a must if you are in the area.

Next door... is Sara's Lavender box..and guess what?
Yes, I adore this one... but I forgot to take a photo as I was making a purchase!
But here's their website to enjoy and make appropriate noises as you do so!

And finally, we always have a quick browse we normally find a parking space right outside!

After all that ' gallivanting ' I need a rest...!
Hope your Saturday was a good one! ;-)

Friday, 8 May 2009

Chop chop!

Today, I am mostly making ..more bags (for the V&H fair), with a mix of old and new.

I find that if you chop up vintage embroidery,very does not hurt as much!!
So that's what I did!

And the result is quite pretty.

This Philip Jacobs 'Delphinium' cotton fabric gives a summery feel.
I do love this fabric, as although it is new,it has a twist of the 40s/50s.

Now then...who's next for the chop ...!!;-)
(Oh her least she isn't headless this time!)

Have a good weekend everyone..hope the sun shines for you ;-)

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Pin Money.... and a small giveaway!!

About a fortnight ago I won a small tin, on ebay.

I'd wanted one of these tins for such a long time. because I'd had one in my sewing basket, long ago. Over the years it simply disappeared to goodness knows where.

I won it for a low price, paid for it and waited...and waited... and then I get this paypal refund and a message telling me that the tin would not be sent after all as it was damaged.

Funny, I thought, as the item description was 'good condition' .

So , I sent the seller an email stating just that...back comes the reply...

'My husband trod on it.'

There must be a very witty reply to this but at the time I could not think of one..I was just miffed that a husband could be so flippin clumsy...
Or was he?
I must admit that I was a little suspicious.

So I just continued to watch another tin, which in actual fact looked in even better condition and a week later...
I won it!

And it is now quite at home, away from any man's big, clumsy feet!;-) celebrate...a small giveaway.
What would you have replied to:
'My husband trod on it' ?

Witty answers please!!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Lots to celebrate!

As you might have noticed from the Google logo, it is the 250th anniversary of Kew Gardens.

Kew is a wonderful place where, when I lived in Surrey, I frequently visited... for the huge entrance fee of 1 penny!

Along with Wisley Gardens, Kew was my favourite place to wander and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

You can purchase some of these posters from :

Be is a fab shop with a grand selection!

Meanwhile in my own garden..
I love wild flowers in my garden and I have plenty of this Stitchwort:

Gorgeous colours of this Pieris:

If someone can remind me of the name of this one,I'd be grateful...

A garden full of sweet faces :

A very queer clock...
My own mini Kew

And I am really looking forward to this Lewisia blooming, judging by the buds it ought to be beautiful this year:

A lover of drier weather...aren't we all?

Mass Wisteria:

And...the best bit YELLOWSSSSSS!


Chris Hargreaves, Torquay United captain....he even has a blog!
Well done to my footy team for digging in hard yesterday, on a pitch that was diabolical ...but hey, now we're going to Wembley..Yay!!
Must fly..need to practise singing! ;-)