Friday, 17 April 2009

A nautical flavour : the most marvellous sea in the world!

Exploring the harbours, ships, lighthouse, towns, villages, marshy shores, cliffs and headlands of ''the most marvellous sea in the world'': English Channel, this fabulous book, which I found about a year ago (and was completely bowled over when I opened it up!), contains the most wonderful sketches and paintings.

There are twelve, lovely, colour plates.

Would you like to share them with me?

* Fowey


In the Channel


R.M.S.Queen Elizabeth

*Yachts...a very CK scene, don't you think?

*Dover Harbour

* Ramsgate

*Palace Pier, Brighton

* Portsmouth Dockyard

* Chesil Beach and Portland Harbour

* Sunrise



I wonder ,which is your favourite?

The book is called 'English Channel'.

Written by Peter Temple and illustrated by Keith Baynes.

Published by Hodder and Stoughton in 1952.

Which makes it slightly older than me...and just as well worn! ;-)

Or is it 'Worn well' ?!! ;-)

It's a great read ..and one to have on the sideboard with your lighthouse paperweight...that's if you have one!!

Or your 1950s Alfred Meakin 'Brixham' china! Very fitting!

Or your Alfred Meakin's Fisherman's Cove plate...

I just love these designs!

Nautical...and nice!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! ;-)

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A little bit of this and a little bit of that means... 'This 'N' That'

Here's another real treat!
And it happens to be in ...Totnes (again ;-)

I'm so lucky to live near Totnes! ;-)

I've mentioned this gorgeous shop, quite a few times.

But this time is different!!

A lovely lady, called Lesley, is the owner ...and guess what...?!!

She now has the blogging bug!

She's started a blog and here is the link...

You'll definitely want to visit this one, regularly!

I popped around to see Lesley on Friday as she had put aside a vintage poster for me, for my 'almost vintage classroom' !
It was this one below...I love stations and I love trains!

And I just so happened to find this one too...

One of my favourite flowers is the Foxglove!
(I hope I win my giveaway!! LOL)

And finally...

So don't forget that you can find plenty more of this and that at ...
This 'n That

And if you come to Totnes, you'll find the shop in The Narrows, at the top of the town, just around the bend from the market!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

RHS (Real Happy Sal) Rosemoor ! And a giveaway!!

Yesterday, Mr and Mrs Snippets got dressed up, in their best clobber, and set off together... on a 'magical mystery tour'!

He said to her...'

...I am going to give you a surprise today!' (Tee hee) ;-)

To which she replied...

'Gourdness Gracious! ;-)

I am a huge...

...of surprises '


And off they set!

To another part of Devon

(which was not Exeter or Totnes ...LOL!!)

RHS Rosemoor!!

We had the most wonderful afternoon.

It's a gem of a place and so beautiful at this time of year....

...with plenty of places to rest awhile and take in the beauty of the surroundings.

Stunning blossom!

Fabulous blooms !

Thank you so much Mr Snippets ....

Ooops wrong we are..

You truly came up trumps with this visit!

Thank you so much! ;-)

My 'very small' spend was...

And a Honeysuckle..Hall's prolific!!
Let's hope it is!


If you'd like to join us on our visit... here's the link to my photos.

Just click on 'slideshow' near the top right .

For my giveaway...leave a comment on this post saying which is your favourite garden flower.
Easy as that!!

Hope you all had a really lovely weekend !