Saturday, 14 March 2009

Happy Birthday Mr Snippets!

Today, I am taking a blogging break and have allowed my other half to blog, it being his special day!

(Note the typical man scene below...the wine,the computer, the tv remote,computer mags etc)

Anyway, over to Mr Snippets...

'Today I awoke all excited, as it is my birthday.

Before rising, nervously, I checked under the LA quilt to ensure that my bits had not been altered.

Homemade croissants, boy! You can just taste the Trex – scrummy!

Next, my delightful hand made birthday card, cut from the Amy Butler card book, no doubt.

Goodness! I thought, what a lovely pile of presents from the LOML. I couldn’t wait to 'have at them'.

Firstly, I opened the pretty paper, hiding such a lovely seed trug, but no ordinary one.. Oh no! This one had been “altered” having been festooned with such lovely patterned papers and bows.

I used to share a greenhouse; where I would have put it, but lately it has been turned into a set for Country Living and I would have stood no chance interfering there, now would I?

I did wonder if it would not look too much out of place in my workshop and so I swung the door open wide and there to my great surprise I saw that all my nails, screws nuts and bolts had all been lovingly hand painted with the finest pastel paints from Farrow and Ball.

What’s more, how all my hand tools now looked so resplendent hanging there, colour coded sporting lovely Prima pansies.

My bibs and bobs were all safely stored away in diverse and altered boxes.My sandpaper was neatly stowed in handmade envelopes, each festooned with floras doodles designs.

Paper bags hung all around labelled: tape, wire, fuses, etc.My workshop manuals and DIY books now all sporting colourful dust jacket covers. The well-thumbed pages now interleaved with designer bookmarks.

It was then that I noticed that instead of the two hanging dice on the mirror of my car were… Yes! You guessed it, hanging hearts.

Vouchers for Bygones and Kent’s Cavern - Yippee!

Wow! British Rail season tickets, for Exeter, to boot.

No longer for me, the dull paint spattered, as well as oil stained overalls, they had now been replaced with tailor made ones, with such colourful CK designs. Gorgeous!

What a relief that I didn’t get a paint-spattered work of art, cos I think that sort of thing is Pollocks...or a hideous shirt from Luget’s.

I am off now to do some altering of my own - beer into water!

The icing on the cake for me is hours in front of the telly watching the QVC craft channel, Changing Rooms and maybe some Ann Maurice.

Thank God she doesn’t know that the footy or rugby is on, else I wouldn’t get a chance. '

Sunday 15th March...

Mr S says: 'Thankyou to everyone who sent me their kind wishes.
In the traditions of the BBC, normal service will now be resumed'


Friday, 13 March 2009

Country Living... in the big city;-)

A lovely day was had by all !

For all of you who could not get there,I snapped as best I could ... but it was soooo busy!

I'll let the pics do the talking as I am worn out from that!!

Thanks to my lovely friend Michele, for accompanying me!

It was a long way to go..but so well worth it!


Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Crafty stuff..and all the way to the big city ...from Devon!

These 'butterfly' pot pourri sachets are made from the lovely, new range of fabrics, called 'Flower Power', by Jennifer Paganelli

Such pretty fabric

I've also chopped up a vintage embroidery tablecloth...Oooo..errr!

To make some 'useful' bags

And now...what to do with these...
I'll never use them as napkins ; they are quite small and I'm sure they could be put to better use?!!

I'll have to think on...
I'm taking a break tomorrow, meeting up with a good friend, at London Paddington... and going on to the ..

Spring Fair!!
I have not hit the big city for a long time!!
I can't wait!!
So we all know what Friday's blog will bring, don't we ?!!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Tuesday Snippets

I was in a red and pink day mood, yesterday! This is not unusual

This calendar pad ,which I found on Saturday, inspired me.

To make some colourful photo layouts!!

With a summer theme...

I also made some little needle cards...

Now for the boring bits...on Sunday I gave the kitchen a spring clean!!

As I took everything off the surfaces, dear Mr S said how lovely was the minimalist look!

Me, being a fripperies lover...quickly put it all back again!

As I cleaned , mop in one hand, camera in the other ;-)...I snapped my favourite 'fripperies'....

The other day,another blogger mentioned their Dualit toaster..well I can honestly say it is one of our best kitchen buys ever!

And I love red in my kitchen..hence the new bread crock!

I adore these 1950s Alfred Meakin designs.

My Babbacombe Pottery cockerel

Little Pedro!

A touch of the French look.

And...I've had this tea cosy for mum brought it back from one of her travels to Europe...

I'm having a day off today.I'm going to a family gathering, as my dad is 83 years young !

Have a good day everyone!