Saturday, 24 January 2009

Atishooooo!! ;-) (And some awards)

The lack of variety on my blog lately... (i.e. it's been crafting, crafting and yet more crafting...) is due to the fact that during the last 6 weeks I have been nowhere , as such.
I've been outside just three times! ;-(
Once to visit my mum in hospital, once on a flying visit to get food and finally, to Nich's graduation.

The flu virus really knocked me for six..and yesterday I finally succumbed and managed to get some antibiotics to knock off a post flu infection. I am rarely ill and have always absolutely loathed putting medicines inside my body. But needs must. I've never known anything like this. It's worn me out good 'n proper!! ;-)

So, I've had to be content with staying in, keeping warm, drinking loads of fluids and crafting..but even that's been very slow...for me.

Yesterday, whilst the cat was away (!) I made these little envelopes ...using K&Co Amy Butler Lotus designs. I love scrapbooking papers as much as I do fabric , especially quality papers like these.

The reason that I made these?
I found some gorgeous hankies, recently...

Aren't they lovely?

Nice and bright..just what I like!!

Some for the fair..some for my shop!


And finally, Amy, from Abundant Curiosities in the U.S.A...
has awarded me this :

With these rules:
1. The winner may put the logo on their blog
2. Put a link to the person who sent out the award
3. Nominate three blogs for this award
4. Put links to their blogs
5. Leave a message for your nominees.
I therefore nominate:

Marmalade Rose creates the most beautiful things with felt. Do take a look at her blog, she is so talented.
2.Hen ...

Hen is a lady after my own heart, similar taste in gorgeous fabrics..and you should see her hand made her various other creations, which are fantabulistic!
Joe does lots of lovely knitted bits and pieces amongst other things..and she's lovely. I know cos I've met her. ;-)
And with that,I need to sneeze..!
anyone got a hanky?!! ;-)
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Loading the boxes..and more altering ;-)

Yesterday , I played around, loading my grand total of two 'non bio fairy' craft boxes (! ), with goodies..

Papers, fabric pieces, prima flowers,diecuts etc

Things with which to create..

After all, noone wants an empty box ! Noone might want a full one either ..LOL!! ;-)

And then I was distracted... this happens easily!
I had forgotten about these..a pair of L.A.curtains ..'Stocks '

Not any old pair of curtains!

I bought these about 3+ years ago, from Amanda (Shabby Chick, no blog, Totnes market stall!)

OMG she will now have a fit about this!

Hi Amanda, if you are reading!

It was one pair of good sized lined curtains.
Now I have altered them into two pairs of curtains!!
For our attic room.
I think they're rather lovely!!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Fairy (non bio!)

I never throw them away as these boxes are very useful!

I made this one yesterday:
Just started on this one (with a hint of 'you know who')..

And this one a while ago..
Just cover them with lovely papers and anything else you have to hand.

Use them to store your crafty bits.

I'm making a few for the next fair..and will load them with some useful 'crafty bits' too.

Meanwhile...a few more of these...

I've put them in my shop

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Crochet..past and present!!

I love to crochet, do you ? !
My first attempt was when I was in 6th form.
(I learned to play Bridge (amongst other things) in 6th form too..but that's another story!)
I crocheted myself a bag in which to keep my tennis balls. I'll never forget it as this bag was bright red and black...and soooo cool hanging on my shoulder. ;-)
Anyway, enough of delving into my sporty past, apart from to say that this crocheted tennis bag saved me from a nasty accident, when one day, I was walking by the Old Exeter Road, in Newton Abbot, on a very narrow pavement.
A car came on to the kerb and hit my side..but I was ok as the bag and the tennis balls acted as padding ! Good job... as I was skinny in those days!
Thank god for crochet is what I say;-)
And lovely books like this.. (which were not available when I was in 6th form)

This is one gorgeous book!
I acquired it recently..and love it!
(The Book Depository is cheapest)
I have others...which I'll show another time..except for this one below, (I think it was a Patons booklet similar to this, which I used all those years ago ) which makes me you dress up to do your crocheting?
Here's one she made earlier..I bet its perfect!...
And you may have noticed my lovely (rather bright) pink string bag, picked up at the M&S food checkout in Exeter on Saturday (went lovely with the lad's gown and mortar board ;-)
Joking aside..brill for keeping your Rowan yarn..string it up somewhere handy to
show it off at its best ;-)
They do a lime green one to get another day for sure!

Monday, 19 January 2009

Smile please ;-) ;-)

Thank you so much to everyone for their kind comments on my last post ;-)
It was a great day and yes I am very proud of 'the lad'... as is dear 'Mr Snippets'...aka Terry.
Well, it's back to crafting today...back down to earth with a bang!
It's years since I made some of these photo frames but with all that fabric hanging around and plenty of wadding to pad out the fronts of the frames, I had it in mind to make some as soon as I had the time and the energy.

Sunday being an 'at home day' after all the excitement of Saturday, meant that I could do just that.

I only had 10 sheets of chipboard so I started off by just making five photo frames ... and then I got down on the floor (!) and 'played' at matching fabrics for the next batch of frames...whilst I wait for more chipboard to arrive.

I had fun..

A piece of oop Amy Butler fabric with some lovely cherries fabric.

This is what I love doing ...coordinating colours and patterns of fabrics, papers etc etc..

A piece of Kaffe mixed with some striped Heather Bailey.

So I mixed and matched different designers fabric almost 'til the cows came home'.. !

The top pieces for the front of the frames..

Kaffe with Amy.... I like this one a lot...

The bottom pieces for the backs.

Michael Miller with Jennifer Paganelli ...

Jennifer with Kaffe...

A lovely piece of faded roses with a modern check ...

Similarly... this is beautiful fabric ...

Amy with Anna Maria ...

I know these will look ab fab when they are done..some for the fair , some for my shop.. and one for my next could I not! ;-)

And I might even try some patchwork frames when I move on to the next batch!
I've done them why not?!

I think its going to be a productive week here at Woodpeckers!