Friday, 7 November 2008

'' I've never been so glad to see Plymouth'' , he said!

Here he comes!
Brittany Ferries..the boat came in early!
Cars off first..

Meanwhile, waiting patiently, here's Tris!
He's no fool,he knows who he's come to meet.
'Mr Snippets' was not too sure who he was meeting!
One tear stained face behind this 'mask'

The sobbing woman of the house , on location !
Mine's a pint of Carling!

Just the one, naturally!

And he came back with no little Senorita on his arm...which was a relief!! ;-)

Thursday, 6 November 2008

He's on his way home!!

I woke early today.
So there I was sitting in my craft room , working on a paper bag album,when
I got a text, from Madrid, at 7.30 am! 'I am on my way, Mum!'
I am so ....

During the last 5 and a half weeks, as some of you know, I don't know how I have kept sane! ;-)
I very quickly gained the nickname 'The weeping (or sobbing) woman' of the house!
This pic does not do me justice!! LOL

However, at the same time, I've been on a journey! Quite an exciting one too!
Well kind of!

I've visited...
Newton Abbot (don't worry, it rapidly gets better, believe me!), London, Harwich, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Rome, Milan, Nice, Montpelier, Barcelona, Madrid, Santander,Plymouth.
Well... I lie.. just a tiny bit!
In truth, I have visited the first.. but tomorrow, I'll visit the last on the list.
As for the 'in between' places, I have visited those, in my mind.
Or should I say, that I was there in all those places, in spirit, with a certain 'someone'...
Nicholas... or Nich, as he is commonly known

I have busied myself each day (thank goodness for family, friends, blogging, some very kind blogging friends... and crafting!)
Although I truly believe that one should not wish time away, I have counted down the days to Nov 7th, every few days flicking over the pages in the booklet, which he left for me.

Each evening, he's been considerate enough to send me this text message:
'I'm still OK!!'.... (oh his humour!)...
and saying what he has done or that he has arrived at his next of port of call, safely.
For my part, I have kept him updated with the football scores! (Go Torquay!;-)
And finally, I've been planning my own part in his it only a very small part!
Because on his blog it says :
''I’ll see anyone who wants to be there at Plymouth docks, 5pm on November 7th. Mine’s a pint of Carling ;-) ''

Anyone who wants to be there!!! (Anyone...So that has to include excited, previously sobbing mothers ?!)
I've taken time off work (not too difficult as I am my own boss) and tomorrow, I'll be on the 3 o'clock train to Plymouth, with Mr Snippets and Tris (one of Nich's wonderful, whacky Uni friends). I would not miss it for the world.... I can't wait...
to give him the biggest hug... ever!!

I'm so proud; he did this tour on his own, although I guess he will have met plenty of people en route and I'm sure he will have had a ...
good time!
And tomorrow evening we'll all be quite...

One or two sloppy, emotional photos might follow for which I do not apologise!! ;-)

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Just a quickie!!

Take some Cath Kidston paper napkins ;-)
(This has to be the easiest bit of Christmas crafting !)
I suddenly remembered it from way back as I was busy doing something completely different this morning. So I had to stop and fiddle about!! This is typical of me, my mind is always on hundreds of other things.
Instead of Choir Boys, you can make Santas, Snowmen, Christmas puds etc etc and just slot the serviettes in place .. and hey presto you have a delightful Christmas table!! (If that's what takes your fancy!!) ;-)
On a slightly different note...I'm having a giveaway at the beginning of next week.
Here's a sneak preview of the prize:
It's a lovely journal and I happen to have a spare one.
I just need to think of a real fun competition!

Monday, 3 November 2008

'Get back into that craft room'

I was passing St Marychurch,Torquay on 24th October.They were putting up the Christmas street decorations .
It's a pet hate of mine, to see Christmas starting as early as this!
But in a way, I'm just as bad!!
This morning it's Christmas card morning, in the craft room...and should I dare leave the room for a cuppa, I can hear a voice from afar shouting, 'Get back into that craft room!'
I'm a huge Amy Butler fan,be it fabrics or papers.They are right up my street,being lovely , bright, inspiring colours.

I've played around with these papers, this morning...they aren't Christmas designs but I think they work well mixed with my other bits and pieces.

Anyway,that's it...more crafts, nothing more ... and suffice to say that I have to finish blogging here and now... as I have a room to get back to!

Hope your Monday is a good one!! ;-)