Friday, 19 September 2008

A Deva..ine treat!

Sometimes it is good to stray from one's plans! So stray we did!!
Whilst staying at the farmhouse in Clun, our lovely hostess,Mary, invited us on a coach trip!
Not any old coach trip..but the 'Clun Senior Citizens' coach trip to...

We're not quite senior citizens, (in case any of you are wondering!) but there were a few spare seats and so we took the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful cities on offer in England.
Chester began when the Romans built a fort next to the River Dee about 75 AD. The Roman fort was called Deva.

On our arrival, Mr Snippets and I made our way to take a quick look at the River Dee before jumping on the top of one of these:

The tour, with commentary, gave us a really good idea of what's what in Chester. It was so very well presented, in fact by an actor (although noone I recognised!) . Dear 'Mr Snippets' was the star of the bus tour as he was the only one who gave a correct answer when the guide/actor asked...

'Does anyone know where Charles 1 was beheaded?'

I was rather impressed when I saw my Dear DH, hand up proudly, ready to answer...and listened carefully as he shouted...

'Yes,I do...just above his shoulders'

(There's always one, eh?!)

We alighted about an hour later...and then our walkabout began..

Chester is a the most beautiful English city.

We had 5 hours there, before meeting up with everyone you know,we only went into one shop during all that time (and one pub..a few times) ! I was just so happy to roam and sight see.

If you want to

Monday, 15 September 2008

The Land of Blog Content..or words of that sort!!

Now, here I offer you a museum and a half!

'The Land of Lost Content'

And if you've never visited, you're sure in for one helluva treat when you finally get there!

Situated in The Market Hall at Craven Arms, it's a museum of British popular culture.
In order to take it all in, we had to go around twice (with a coffee break in between,naturally!)

Floors and floors of the most wonderful 20th Century memorabilia!

Read all about it!