Saturday, 23 August 2008

Walking, talking and parks.

I have always loved parks!

Many, many years ago, I took my first steps in a park, when a band started to play its music and I got up and walked towards the bandstand ;-)
(Don't you just love a park with a working bandstand?)
I think that my mother was somewhat amused... because I took so long to walk!
Having adopted a rather unique 'bottom shuffle', I appeared to be in no hurry to walk.
However, to make up for that, I was one of life's very early talkers!
So what I lacked in teeny tiny footsteps, I made up for in constant movements of my tongue!!LOL!
Anyway, I wandered through a park today. Sadly, there was no band or bandstand.

I strolled through the Rougemont Gardens and into Northernhay Gardens.

Just seconds from the city centre of Exeter, heaving with people.

Yet it seemed like a world peaceful and beautiful.

All of this in the middle of a city! You can't beat it !

I will always love parks!

Monday, 18 August 2008

Gathering my thoughts!

I have never had a stall at a craft fair, in my life !!

I do admit that I've run school fete craft stalls and been to a few car boot sales with my wares. I've sold a few goodies on ebay and I've made bits and pieces for friends (or do I call it being commissioned?!!LOL ;-)

But never a 'professional' fair...never one entitled 'VINTAGE AND HANDMADE FAIR'

And now I'm going to one! ;-)

The Vintage & Handmade Fair to be held on Saturday the 22nd of November 2008 at Rangeworthy Village Hall, nr. Chipping Sodbury, South Gloucestershire. 10 a.m - 4.00 p.m.

It's now...

I have until...

I'm rather excited, not to mention..well you can imagine..PANIC!

I roughly know what I'm making and taking... but I know that time will fly and I really must get a move on!

So if I do get a little behind with my blogging, you'll know what I'm up to...snip snip!