Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Down in the woods today!

It's very very wet here in Sunny Devon!
But 6 tons of gravel will not get up and shift itself, will it?!!
Let me explain!
Down at the bottom of our garden, beyond the seats (in the top photo), is a wild, shady, wooded area...
Some people might think that it is a gloomy place but I love it.
The birds sing above us and it's our very own 'walk in the woods'.

Having said that, we'd let it become rather overgrown, too overgrown in fact. So last year we cleared it and put down some of that special matting with a view to this year covering it with either woodchip or chippings.

At one end is an old chicken coop.
It's falling to bits, not that safe underfoot and no longer used for chickens! But it adds to the character of the garden!
As I type, my 'boys' are still working hard, shovelling and spreading.
I'll go back later, to snap the end product!
* * *
Meanwhile, talking of character in the garden,I just had to show you this...undressed in January...

Dressed in May...

Isn't nature wonderful?!

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Ashburton.. and ...any good at map reading?

Ashburton was our stop for a spot of lunch , on Friday.
Ashburton is almost a 'mini Totnes' with some lovely little shops, with fripperies which delight.
It also has a bookshop which sells second hand books..a few floors of them as well!

I managed to find one Angela Brazil book, hardback with dustjacket for £2!! I grabbed it as it was in superb condition too.

Having never studied geography and always being one to turn a map, so that the road I am on is facing the direction in which I am travelling (if you get my gist!) but I need to bring out my map reading skills (so sadly lacking), Ashburton always confuses me.
There's an East Street, a North Street, a West Street.... but there's no South Street as that is called something daft is that?!! ;-)
And I never know which street I am in, much to dear DH's amusement.

I believe this to be North Street:

This, apparently, is West Street:

Which means that this is... East Street:

Anyway, North Street, I love you!

It was in one of the antique shops in North Street, I unearthed this little 'gem', for my garden!!A child's garden seat!

Which is no longer a child's garden seat !!
By the way..Ashburton is an old 'Stannary' town.
Stannary towns were the locations where refined tin (or white tin) was assessed, coined and sold.
You can read all about Stannary towns here, if you so desire: