Friday, 4 April 2008

Tag giveaway!!

Sal couldn't sleep last night!

Her head was full of all sorts ; her mind as active as usual...full of crafty things ..and blogging!

Then she had this 'idea' ;-)

.....for a giveaway!

But before she tells you, take a look at these book covers:

Here's Sal in her younger days...(it could be true as she used to spend such a lot of time at the beach, here in sunny Devon...! )

Here's Sal about to 'make good'..hmm, the things she used to get up to in her spare time...!

Here she is, playing it very 'cool' with an admirer!

Sal, the good samaritan...'Can I help you Sir?'

Flower arranging was always her hobby! ;-)
And, finally.. looks like she's had a nasty fall down some steps.... here's Sal about to ask someone if they can get her the phone number for Claims Direct! ;-) LOL

Anyway, this is what you have to do if you want to win a prize:

1. Type your first name into Ebay/Amazon or any other book website... and find 4 or 5 books with your christian name in the title.

2. Post the pics on your blog WITH SOME AMUSING COMMENTS and then reply to THIS POSTING to say that you have done it .

3. Next Friday, Sal will choose a winner!

You'll receive a lovely K&Co Tag some surprise super duper extras!

Have a fun weekend ;-)

Monday, 31 March 2008

Mollie Clarke books ... Such childhood gems!

Mollie Clarke

A gem of a book is this!!
Published in 1953!

Published in my favourite place! ;-)
Wheaton had been in Exeter for many many years.
It once had a shop in Fore Street Exeter
Before that, I believe there were premises in High Street.It also had a factory on the Marsh Barton Estate, Exeter.
Here are some snippets from that great site, Exeter Memories:
Sadly, Wheaton was eventually swallowed up by some larger concern.
Years ago, I used to frequent the Fore Street shop as it was brilliant for educational publications.
And it was Wheaton that published many of Mollie Clarke's charming books.

Mollie Clarke books were a joy!

I remember many of them from my childhood.

Simple ,yet so charming!

With cute illustrations

Mollie Clarke became an Infant advisor for Devon.
I never met her but my mum was fortunate enough to meet her when Mollie Clarke occasionally visited the school in Torquay, where my mum was teaching.

I wonder if you remember Mollie Clarke books?

Mollie Clarke is no longer alive but her lovely books live on!