Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Garden project!

It was back in 2007 when we handed this piece of garden to Nich and said

'Do what you wish with it!'

It was a cosy little area, very enclosed and with little room

to do very much.

However, Nich had the gardening bug and thus enjoyed tending this patch

 for a few years until he left home.

He dabbled in all sorts of salad crops and presented us, now and again, with

various items of home grown goodies

And so, when he left home, it was a bit of a shock to have to take it on again!

Firstly, we (as in Mr S!) took down some out of control fir trees, 

which instantly gave more light to our undercover area 

and to what had been Nich's room.

 I prettied it up as best I could... but I knew that this was only temporary

as we planned to do a major overhaul at some point.

In the middle of April, this year, that major overhaul began!!!

What a mess!

But very quickly we could begin to see the wood for the trees, so to speak!

And now we have some fencing....

And here we are today...

More fencing to do this week...and trellis! 

And then sowing the lawn seed...and planting!!

More about the planting, soonish!


We are getting there!! 

And it's all thanks to my other half,Mr Snippets,

who has worked like a trojan!

Retirement does have its benefits!!! ;-)

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Garden wake up! ;-)

It's that time of year... the grand garden 'tidy up!'

And this year, we're really on top of it!

The grass has had its first cut...and then its second!

The sunny weather has woken the garden and all of a sudden, everywhere, 

there are splashes of colour.

I especially love the area by our greenhouse where the primroses and polyanthus

come into their own...such a welcome sight!

Show a tree a bit of sun and hey presto...

one day it's asleep and the next it's in full bloom!

This Amelanchier is beautiful; we have to look at it frequently as

the flowers are quite short lived. 

So pretty, so delicate.

And what is a garden without a Cowslip?

There are so many things in our garden that live together in perfect harmony.

(...mirroring what goes on inside the house! LOL!!;-)

Even a pile of logs or an old tree trunk covered in ivy

is a treat...look closer and there's more than you realise.

A birdhouse waits patiently as if quietly saying, ' Please pick me!'

A gentle breeze comes along and stirs the silence....not that there's

too much silence in the garden, as the birds make sure of that!

Starting at around 4am and continuing until dusk,

it's a very long day to keep singing! 

I'm not sure that I could sing for as long as that!

It's music to our ears; that's the charm of where we live.

I find myself becoming quite excited at the prospect of

transforming this lovely area...can it be any prettier than last year?

I'll give it a go.

But this year's big project is this:

What was once Nich's garden, has been cleared.

I'll always know it as 'Nich's garden' as he tended it for a few years

whilst he lived here and more importantly, it's where he 'got the bug' !

Now he's carried that bug across town, to his own garden! 

It's always good to have a small plot in which to ply your trade, so to speak!

But things move on and  Mr Snippets has worked, toiled, battled and bent his back

during the last two weeks. He's wrestled with a massive amount of Wisteria

roots and runners, (amongst other things)...boy, what a job that was!

He's worked tirelessly.

And so it's 'watch this space' for regular updates!' 

 Happy gardening, everyone!


Thursday, 2 April 2015

Sink love! ;-) x

Here's a bit of 'sink love' to send some springtime happiness your way! ;-)

The emptying of these sinks was long overdue!

I've had them years and if I remember rightly, Mr Snippets

acquired them when we lived in our previous


I'm especially pleased as the pretty orange and yellow Polyanthus

 survived the winter in my greenhouse.

Happy Springtime!