Sunday, 4 May 2008

This week I'll be mostly reading....

I don't get to Wisley Gardens very often.
When I lived in Surrey, I was a frequent visitor. There was nothing better than to nip over, after school, on a lovely summer's evening.
It was the perfect way to forget the stresses of the day and unwind.
And although I only had a tiny garden in those days , I would rush home, full of inspiration and new ideas for my garden.
I recently inherited piles of these lovely magazines ...or should I say Journals of the RHS.
I'm going to try to read one a week ..LOL! (Some hope!)

I'd love to visit Wisley again. (Hint to dear DH!)

I 've also had a bit of a 'sort out' of some of my books..too many books and not enough shelf space..!

Not to mention the cookbooks, gardening books, fiction, childrens books etc etc
In our family we love books!
Next week on my blog, I'll be showing a book a day...amongst other things ;-)


Mary said...

Hi Sal - I left a comment a few days ago re: your 'Oh to Be In England' post which made me SO homesick of course - but received an e-mail saying it was undeliverable for some reason. Hope this one gets to you roday.

Glad you saw my Brixham post and today I have just posted the second part with more pics of Terry's hometown. Always love to visit there - and although they're having problems just like all the seaside towns, it is still a colorful, bustling place with good vibes for visitors. Yes - suggest you go soon before the Summer crowds - those new ferries are small - if only the good old Western Ladies could return.

You have such an amazing book collection - more bookcases required by the look of it!!

Enjoy your Sunday - hope the weather's nice.

Simone said...

I love the covers on those gardening mags! I recognise quite a few books in your book stash. I think I may be a bookaholic too!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I'm soooooooooo envious of all those lovely books - although I'm sure my crafty bookshelf would look just as nice if I stopped to look at it!

Lucy x

this is my patch said...

Hi Sal, I am coming over to you in garden mode! I am glad you have discovered my other blog, I started my garden one first. I am very envious of all your lovely magazines, and I have the same problem with books, I buy them, never get around to reading them, and then have nowhere to put them! x

Rosezilla said...

Ooh, I love all the books! We are bookaholics in our family too, and we look like a library. We are actually going to turn one of the bedrooms into an old-fashioned library now the kids are out. My husband got me a fridge magnet, with the quote "A room without books is like a body without a soul." (Cicero)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sal!
Gosh what a lovely selection of craft books you have!!!
Last time I came over I was so distracted by the oodles of gorgeous fabric, I didn't even notice! Next time, I need to sit in your reading corner if I may?!
Just noticed all your new photos too! I'm glad you liked your rosy heart!
Hope you are well and you and DH are enjoying the holiday weekend!
Amanda (Shabby Chick)

Nichgull said...

Ah how I love books! There's nothing like settling down and reading a book that you're really into, sometimes the hours just slip away :) I look forward to the book a day! xx

Poppy Black said...

Yet again you've got me desperate to get my hands on your book collection. We do have a few books in common. Isn't Rosemary McLeod's book fabulous? It gave me a whole new appreciation of the needlework done by women of the past. Another New Zealand treasure! XXX

julia said...

I recognised a few books we have here in your pile. We're total book addicts in this house, every so often we have to have a clear out which usually involves arguing about who's having to clear out the most books!
Julia x

Jennie said...

We are book addicts in this family as well. I can't bear to part with any of mine so we have tons and tons of books and no place to put them!
I love looking at other peoples bookcases and you have such a lovely collection there!